D.S.U. ‘In-House’ Competition

Here we go….

What can I say? What a day!!! Amazing performance from all our lifters, especially from our first time guys! Huge shout out to amazing volunteers who helped out on this day. We literally could not have done it without you so thank you so much again!! Our winners are as follows…

1st – Katy Emslie πŸ₯‡
2nd – Michelle Rynd πŸ₯ˆ
3rd – Ellie Swankie πŸ₯‰
Under 90s
1st – Jackson Work πŸ₯‡
2nd – Jack Davidson πŸ₯ˆ
3rd – David Roworth πŸ₯‰
Under 105s
1st – Jake Brown πŸ₯‡
2nd – Conor WatsonπŸ₯ˆ
3rd – Asier Johnstone πŸ₯‰
1st – Josh Batchelor πŸ₯‡
2nd – Danyle Ferguson πŸ₯ˆ
3rd – Andrew Cowling πŸ₯‰

However, we want to take this time to explain how impressive all our lifters were!

First up, Caroline Henderson. Caroline unfornalty never totalled as she failed her squats. Just a little bit high, however a great performance for her first competition. Opening up at 90kg leaves her in good stead for a really heavy squat soon! Beautiful deadlifts finishing on 130kg!

Michelle Lawson. Chelley couldn’t even squat to parallel about 8 weeks ago never mind finish on 65kg!!! Deadlifts is where Chelley shines, with a super easy 95kg final lift. Chelley had a misload on her 3rd lift which maybe knocked her confidence for going for that 100kg deadlift. Next week Chelley!!

Miss Maeule next. Rebecca finished on an easy 68kg squat purely down to not having the confidence in going heavier. Rebecca is a mega strong lifter, she just doesn’t believe it! Big things to come and more importantly, more confidence!! Mock comp soon to work on those nerves!

Rebecca Ritchie was by far the judges favourite. This little lady is only 48.8kg making every lift that little bit more impressive. Nerves got the better of her and decided to go safe with 85kg final squat – still bloody brilliant! Over body weigh bench press is impressive for any girl, especially one so light!!

Sarah only started training approximately 4 months ago and squatted 100kg – wow! Once she gets herself some heels for lifting, she is going to be on to some crazy big squats! Time to big some muscle on her upper body and a big total will follow! Massive well done, time to get training for February!

Ellie, what can we say about Ellie? Only 16 years old and pulled a 140kg deadlift!! Unfortunately it wasn’t her day on bench press however the big deadlift secure her 3rd place and the 100kg squat wasn’t too shabby either!

2nd place went to Michelle Rynd, her first ever competition! 100kg squat was missed twice but she pulled in out the bag on her final attempt. Some big numbers ahead and next time the 300kg total will be smashed!

1st place went to Katy Emslie!! Boy has she worked for it! Not quite conquering her fear of 100kg squat however her massive 72.5kg bench press put her miles ahead of the competition with a 310kg total! Next steps Katy, nail that massive squat!


Under 90’s was hotly contested and even though Ross finished with the lowest total, he was almost 10 years younger than the rest of the class. Impressive lifts from the 15 year old. Going 8/9 on his first competition was incredible and a great 140kg deadlift at 78.2kg bodyweight!

Next up is Kelvin Stephen. He had a bit of nightmare on his bench due to lack of experience using a competition bench. He pulled it back and finished on a 80kg bench. Some lovely looking deadlifts left him with a 160kg pull.

John McClelland has been suffering with a sore back for a few weeks now which really affected his day however he still showed up and squatted 120kg, benched 115kg and 1 attempt deadlift of 155kg! Well done, extra points for the injury!

Finishing jsut 1kg off 3rd place, Jason Mowatt was one of our most techincal lifters. A brilliant 8/9 performance on his first competiton and smashing his own personal goals out the water. A 200kg deadlift next weekend Jason?!

David Roworth jsut darted in front with a 446kg total! Only getting his 2nd bench didnt seem to stop him going 3/3 on deadlifts and a brilliant 186kg deadlift! Well done on a fantastic first go at competition at only 80kg bodyweight!

Our last two competitors of the under 90 class quite literally were neck and neck. Mr Jack Davidson unfortunately got pipped to the post by Jackson Work. Jack managed to cause quite a scene on his 2nd squat where he was sick mid attempt (most of which landed on Kara). Not taking a 3rd attempt meant Jackson finished with a 10kg greater total. Jackson benched a massive 130kg bench and finished on a 200kg deadlift. Jack pulled the biggest deadlift of the 90s with a 215kg pull.

Under 105 started off with Ryan Fleming unfortunately missing 2 squat attempts for depth and all his benches meant he could not total. Like a true champ he went back out for deadlifts and finished on 220. Lots of learning for your next comp but some great potential.

Ryan Oliver is a new guy to the DSU scene and he was definitely our gym’s most improved lifter! Hitting a 140kg squat, 72.5kg bench and a super easy 180kg deadlift. Excited to see what comes of Ryan in the near future!

Asier Johnstone took 3rd place with a nice round 500kg total. A great 160kg squat and a massive 210kg deadlift…in-fact so fast that it looked like an opener!!

Conor Watson claiming 2nd place with pb’s across the board. What more could you ask for? Great final squat, showing the benefits of training powerlifting style off season. Excited for your progression into strongman. He pulled the biggest deadlift of the class however … it’s all about that total!!

Lastly, Jake Brown walked away with 1st place with a huge 620kg total. The only one in this class to pull sumo. A brilliant 225kg squat in sleeves and a very comfortable and well deserved win!


Lastly the big boys! The crowds favourite Grant Duncan unfortunately bombed as he failed all his squats for depth. He did the ‘Highest Squat Award’ so not all was lost! Had he placed even one squat, he would have had a conformable 2nd place. He pulled a great 260kg even after a bad day.

Craig Tomlinson used this comp to see where he was after years off traditional static training. Some beautiful squats with a lot more in the tank. Going to be interesting to see where he goes adding this type of lifting into his training.

Connor McRobert aka the King of Silence. The quietest lifter ever!! 3/3 on deadlifts secured him a nice 540 total and well done pulling it back after failing your second squat.

Andrew Cowling took 3rd place with a 572.5kg total. Only getting 1 bench in, he held it together well going into deadlifts. That 250kg deadlift is close!!

Clear 2nd went to Dan Ferguson and he even managed to pull a bigger deadlift than he pulled at the British finals – 265kg! Very experienced lifter, Dan handled just about every lifter before him so that in itself deserves a medal!!

Lastly Josh Batchelor walked away with 1st place with a massive 750kg total and a 310kg deadlift!!! Given Josh has been off with the flu for almost 3 weeks, this was incredible. Going 9/9, goes to show his experience and grit paid off!!





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